Harm within the Spiritual Community

This episode is born out of the reckoning I have had with myself over the last couple of months about my spiritual practice, and also the harmful ideas that I’ve seen floating around within the spiritual community. I also talk about the problem with “chakras”, the inconsistencies in Reiki, and how it’s a problem that there is a lack of Black representation within the Reiki community.

This episode might bring up some uncomfortable feelings for you. I encourage you to sit with your discomfort and maybe write down what specifically triggered that discomfort. I also encourage you to take a deep breath and listen with an open mind because more than likely some of your beliefs are going to be challenged. But challenging our beliefs is how we grow. Think of this episode as an invitation – especially if you are white. Reflect before reacting.

Like I mentioned in the episode, go check out The Spirit House Collective founded by AJA, the Spirit Guide Coach. If you are white or white passing, find out how to become a True Wellness Ally to help provide free and discounted workshops for BBIPOC+. If you are BBIPOC+, you can find out how to join the True Wellness Sponsorship Program.

Update October 29, 2020: I recently listened to an episode of Inciting a Riot that I highly encourage listeners to check out. Episode 153: Inciting a Decolonizing Reiki Riot, an incredibly amazing conversation with Marika Clymer.


Articles and blog posts exploring Reiki, hand positions, chakras, and the Hara:


Here are the anti-racism educators and/or offerings that I mentioned in this episode:

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