Releasing Emotions from the Body

There are a lot of reasons why we block our emotions, namely trauma. However, unpleasant emotions are in general not fun to work through. When we suppress emotions it creates a blockage in our energy. 

Tuning in to Blocked Emotions

Checking in with your body to tune into physical sensations can provide you with clues regarding blocked emotions. Doing a full body scan can help you discover where in your body you feel an emotion. The sacral chakra is where our authentic emotions reside. We spend a lot of time in our heads with our thoughts which are often misleading. In The Science of Well-Being, an online class taught by Dr. Laurie Santos of The Happiness Lab, she mentioned how our initial intuitions about things from our thoughts are often wrong.

Resisting Emotions

In The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh, he talks about how we should talk to our suffering. We should embrace our unpleasant emotions, treating them with kindness and compassion. 

When you feel resistance in your body, talk to your body. Let your body know that it is safe for you to feel the emotion.  

Connecting with Emotions through Meditation

Take meditation back to basics. Do a counting meditation where you set a timer and count your breaths. Count up to ten, then back down to one, and repeat until the timer runs out. Start back at one again if you forget what number you are on. A visualization you could try is to see yourself standing next a room with a locked door. On the other side of the door in the room is another you who embodies the emotion that you are suppressing. Talk through the door to the emotion with no expectation of the emotion talking back to you. Slowly there’s a conversation that starts and eventually the emotion gets up and leaves.

Being with Emotions through Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you tune into whatever emotion or physical sensation you are experiencing. Bringing your full awareness to that emotion will allow you to sit with it and release it.

Energy Healing Therapies

Sometimes we don’t need to know what an emotion is and how it got there. All we may need is to recognize that it is there, acknowledge it, and that it needs to be released.

I recently started doing breathwork with Amy Kuretsky which I have found to be powerful. Reiki also helps release stuck emotions. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a tapping therapy where you tap on acupressure therapy points to release energy and restore balance.

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