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Many women struggle with low self-esteem and believe that they are unworthy of loving themselves. They believe they aren’t good enough based on the expectations set by others. But why? Why can’t every woman be free from the shackles of self-consciousness and self-loathing? This question is at the heart of Phases to Loving You where author Heidi Lane taps into the energy of the phases of the moon and guides you on your own journey toward self-love and personal empowerment. Throughout this guidebook, the author honestly details her own rocky path to self-acceptance using her past experiences and mental health struggles as a compass. Her journey is one that’s relatable to women of all ages.

Are you ready to do the work necessary to find confidence and invite positive changes into your life? If so, come step on the path of self-discovery. On this guided journey you will find: reflections, journal prompts, guided meditations, rituals, and affirmations. Each section is designed to help you use your intuition to dive deep into your feelings, experiences, beliefs, and values. You deserve love, happiness, and to step into the goddess that you are. It’s time for you to believe it.