Mural of someone feeling angry

Spirituality is Not All Love & Light

There’s this misconceived notion that to be spiritual is synonymous with never being angry. You’re supposed to always be in a place of “love and light”. To succumb to feelings of anger is somehow failing at being spiritual. But there’s just as much harm in suppressing heavy emotions like anger as there is in never feeling lighter emotions like happiness.

The Vibrations of Emotions

Emotions, just like anything else, have a vibration. Generally speaking, emotions that make you feel good – like joy, peace and love – are high vibration emotions. Emotions that make you feel bad – like anger, fear and shame – are low vibration emotions. A low vibration emotion lowers your vibration, or energetic frequency, while a high vibration emotion – you guessed it – raises your vibration.

Low vibration emotions are a part of life. The problem comes when you are constantly in the throws of low vibration emotions and never experiencing high vibration emotions. You can probably imagine the toll that feeling guilt, fear, anger, shame, and/or apathy all the time can take on a person physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I’d like to look more closely at anger.

Suppressing Emotions

With trying to live a more spiritual life, people may assume that they should strive to live experiencing only high vibration emotions. What usually ends up happening as a result is that these low vibration emotions get suppressed and denied but don’t go away. It’s like sweeping dirt under a rug – you can’t see it but it’s still there in your house.

Suppressing anger, or any low vibration emotion for that matter, does more harm than it does to feel it fully and express it in a healthy way. Choose to acknowledge your anger, sit with it and understand it. What is the source of your anger? Underneath the anger is there fear or sadness? Experiencing the emotion doesn’t tether you to it. You don’t have to be married to that emotion forever. The trick is to feel it, label the emotion (“I’m feeling angry right now”), and then let it go. Letting it go is key.

Woman feeling free

Letting Anger Go

Women may have grown up with the message that it’s okay for them to be sad but not angry, and men may have grown up with the opposite message – it’s okay for them be angry but not sad. Anger can be useful. Your anger can give you the fuel you need to speak your truth. It can be the catalyst for change in your life. Anger can empower you to take a stand. It can give you the courage to end a relationship that’s no good for you or quit your job you hate.

Find a way to channel your anger in a constructive way that allows you to let your anger go. Get creative. Get active in your community. Call your state’s representatives. Channel your anger into your magick.

You’re not failing within your spiritual practice if you’re angry. Experience your anger, recognize that it’s okay to be angry, and then let it go.

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