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I See Dead People

“I communicate with Spirits but I don’t consider myself a medium,” I used to say. The other day my mother-in-law said to me, “I think you need to realize that you do see dead people (spirits) and that makes you a medium.” Boom. I had been in the process of accepting that I’m a medium and moving this giant boulder that was blocking my way. There’s a lot of big (unrealistic) expectations people hang on the word ‘medium’ thanks mostly in part to movies and TV shows. For most of my life I had this idea that all mediums physically see Spirits in front of them like they see a living person.

Sure, I’d get images in my mind of Spirits and things they’d show me and I’d hear messages in my mind (mostly in my mind, any way), but it wasn’t a Sixth Sense situation (thank the gods).  It took a long time for me to realize that most mediums – not all – who see Spirits see them with their mind’s eye, not their physical eyes. And there are more ways to communicate with Spirits than just seeing them. You may be asking yourself, “What in the Hades does that mean?” I’ll explain.

The Clairs

First off, let’s take a look at what are commonly referred to as “the Clairs.” The Clairs are different kinds of psychic senses that psychics and mediums have. Clairvoyance is the one most people have heard of, but just because it’s Miss Popular that doesn’t make it any better than the other Clairs, and it’s certainly not a prerequisite to medium communication. Most people have more than one Clair but there is usually one that is the strongest. Here is an infographic giving a breakdown of the common psychic senses.

The Clairs - Infographic of psychic senses

Now, let’s look at some real-life examples to give you a better idea of what the Clairs look like in action. (Note: I’ll be focusing on mental mediumship since that is what is most common today).


Clairaudience is tricky in that you typically don’t hear a Spirit talking in the voice they had when they were living. The messages come through as your own inner voice, meaning they sound like how your thoughts sound (have you ever thought about how your thoughts sound?). Sometimes lyrics from a song will play in my head relating to a message that a Spirit is trying to get across. How do you know what are your own thoughts and what are a Spirit’s? Listen to your intuition. After regularly practicing meditation and developing my intuition, I learned how to differentiate between the two. I intuitively know what messages are from a Spirit or my Guides and what is a product of my own thoughts.


Clairvoyance is sometimes trickier than clairaudience (at least for me). In the past two years my clairvoyance has rapidly developed and is almost, if not equally, as strong as my clairaudience. Most of the time I see what the Spirit looks like (again, in my mind’s eye) and they will communicate using symbols and images that I then have to intuitively decipher. For example, recently a Spirit came through for a client and I saw a strand of DNA. I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant but it turned out my client had been working on her family tree and hadn’t been researching that side of the family. Her relative wanted her to start researching the other side of her family (her relative’s side).

Rainbow across an eye


For myself, claircognizance plays a role with clairaudience and clairvoyance. I know what I hear or see to be true but I couldn’t tell you why. I just know. (How’s that for vague?) Claircognizance is that gut feeling. “I don’t know why I went a different way to work today. My gut was just telling me to do it.” Then you find out there was an accident on your normal route that you ended up avoiding.


Spirits can relay information through physical and emotional sensations. I try to gather evidence when I’m connecting with a Spirit, and one time I felt a pressure in my left eye. I told my client that when this Spirit was living she couldn’t see out of her left eye. My client discovered that the Spirit I was talking to was a great-grandmother who had a glass eye for her left eye.

Clairsalience & Clairgustance

I can’t recall ever having an experience with clairsalience or clairgustance, but an example would be smelling or tasting something that isn’t physically present. Maybe you smell that Spirit’s favorite cologne, or maybe you taste cigar smoke because that Spirit loved smoking cigars.


Also called psychometry, clairtangency is the ability to pick up on information by touching objects. By touching a loved one’s piece of jewelry that they often wore, for example, you could receive information from the energetic vibrations left on that object.

Hands holding light

Spirits vs. Ghosts

Several people have told me that ghosts freak them out. But there’s a difference between Spirits and ghosts, aka earthbound spirits. Spirits have crossed over into the light and can come and go as they please. Ghosts are those who haven’t crossed over for whatever reason – typically they weren’t very happy people when they died or they have unfinished business, but that’s not always the case. Earthbounds can wreak havoc on the living by disrupting the energy in a household, much like a psychic vampire. Even well-intentioned ghosts can cause problems. You can clear a house of an earthbound spirit or help it cross over, but that’s a topic for another time.

Communicating with Spirits

Energy protection is very important when connecting with Spirits (or doing any type of psychic work). Just like you need to set healthy boundaries with the living, you need to set boundaries with the dead. This is the process my Guides led me to when connecting with Spirits that works for me:

I find myself in a dark hallway (Not anywhere in particular. It’s just a hallway out in the ether, I suppose). There’s a door at the end of the hallway. I open the door with my mind and there’s nothing but white light on the other side of it. I say in my head, “The door is open. You are welcome to come through.” A Spirit will then walk through the door. After our time together is finished, they go back through the door. When I’m done connecting with the other side I say, “The door is now closed,” and I close the door with my mind.

Of course, Spirits find their way through even when the door is closed. If I’m not ready for them then I’ll simply tell them, “I’m not ready yet.”
Foggy path and autumn trees

Is it Real?

There was one time during an automatic writing session where I had a Spirit come through. He was in a military uniform and I saw the last name on his uniform. I saw what he looked like and then there was an explosion. He then showed me a picture of a woman with a little girl. This was still back when I wasn’t sure if I was just making things up in my head. I did a search on a military database for the last name I saw. I scanned through the pictures and my heart felt like it stopped when I saw him. I clicked on his image and read through the information. He had died when his unit’s vehicle was blown up. He left behind a wife and two young daughters.

I’m always telling people to get out of their head. You can’t develop your psychic abilities if you’re constantly doubting yourself. In the past I’d have Spirits come through during readings for friends and I wouldn’t say anything at first because, well, what if I was wrong? Then there’d be this building pressure inside my mind that wouldn’t go away. Finally I’d share what I was getting about the Spirit and the pressure immediately dissipated. My friends would sometimes then tear up as they’d recognize the loved one who had come through.

I finally got the message: trust the information you are receiving is real and valid.

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