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Make Your Own Starter Witch Kit

You may or may not be familiar with the announcement made a couple months back by Pinrose that they would be releasing a Starter Witch Kit at Sephora in October. It included a Tarot deck, trial-sized bottles of fragrances, a white sage bundle and a rose quartz all packaged in a cute box with a price tag of $42. There was a lot of backlash with many people accusing the creators of appropriation – cultural appropriation of Indigenous peoples and appropriation of witchcraft. In the end, Pinrose scrapped the Starter Witch Kit.

Witch kits aren’t a new idea. Looking up the term “witch kit” on Etsy produced over 9,000 results worldwide with over 5,500 of those being in the US. I don’t think these witch kits are good or bad. They are what they are: a product for consumers to purchase. Many of these witch kits are curated by actual witches which is great. And who doesn’t like getting a box of stuff? It’s fun.
Crystals and sage bundle on a table

Budget-Friendly Witch Kit

All that being said, you don’t need to buy a kit. In fact, you don’t really need anything in particular to practice witchcraft. But if you’re going to get a kit, why not make your own? You can easily make your own “starter witch kit” and it will be tailored to you and your needs. It will also be much more affordable.

I thought about what I would put in my own budget-friendly witch kit if I was just starting out. What herbs, crystals and other magickal goodies would I include? Here’s what I came up with.


I discussed how to use herbs in your magickal practice in last week’s post. Many basic herbs that you’d find in your kitchen would be perfect for a starter witch kit and you can burn herbs as an incense rather than purchasing sticks (Well, some of them. Mint, for example, smells awful when it’s burned). You could get the ones listed below for about $3 total for 1/4-oz each herb (based on the loose herb prices at my local apothecary):

  • Lavender for intuition, love and healing
  • Mint, Basil or Thyme for luck, prosperity and money
  • Rosemary for protection
  • Bay leaves for wishes
  • Cinnamon for success
  • Salt for purification

*Note: Magickal correspondences have been narrowed down
Apothecary jars on shelves


All of the crystals listed below are easy to find and inexpensive. You can find small tumbled pieces for as low as $0.50 each. On Etsy you can find a 1-pound bag of mixed tumbled crystals for around $10. Of course, you can spend more money to get better quality ones:

  • Clear quartz for healing
  • Rose quartz for love
  • Amethyst for intuition
  • Green aventurine for good luck, success and prosperity
  • Black tourmaline for protection and purification

*Note: Magickal correspondences have been narrowed down

Thrifty Extras

  • You can find candles at a dollar store or get a bag of tea lights. White is a suitable substitute for any color candle. If you have a metaphysical or occult store near you then check them out. The ones by me carry spell candles (a smaller version of a taper candle) in different colors for $0.35 each
  • Hecate votive holderIf you want to devote a candle to a certain deity then make one with a clean glass jar. Print a black and white image of that deity, cut it out in a strip, wrap it around the outside of the jar, and tape it on. Place a tealight inside and voila
  • If you love the box part of a witch kit, look for a box or basket at the thrift store to keep your supplies in
  • A fireproof bowl with a bit of dry (fertilizer-free) dirt at the bottom works great to burn things in

  • Do you have any budget-friendly items that you incorporate into your practice? What would you recommend to someone just starting out?

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