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How to Protect Your Energy

‘Protect Your Energy’ Meaning

You’ve just had coffee with a friend who was angry and unloaded on you about something that had happened at work. You get home and notice that you’re agitated, annoyed, mad, irritated, and drained. You wonder why you’re feeling this way since you had a pretty good day. It may not occur to you that you have taken on your friend’s energy. This is just one example – a classic example – of why it’s so important to protect your energy.

Imagine this invisible energy field around you. It’s just hanging out there, exposed to the elements. And it’s not just your energy that’s exposed and vulnerable, it’s a lot of other people as well; so every person you interact with who has their energy exposed is going to commingle with your energy. That’s a lot of chances for your energy to get used, abused, sucked, and drained – whether it’s unintentional or not. This is especially a problem for us empaths because we naturally more susceptible to taking on other people’s energy without meaning to. And if you’re working on developing your intuition, then you need to be practicing energy protection.

Here’s what it comes down to: you are only responsible for your energy, not anyone else’s. That makes it your responsibility to protect your own energy. Jessica Lanyadoo (an astrologer and psychic medium) referred to protecting one’s energy as “energy condoms” during an episode of The Serpent Cast podcast she was on a while back. I love this term because it’s so spot on. If you’re going to interact with other people’s energy without an energy condom then you are taking your chances with what you are going to take on from other people, or even give to other people.

Protecting Your Energy

So, how can you protect your energy? Here’s some easy psychic protection tips:

White Light

Visualize white light around yourself. You can say something like, “I surround myself with white light of love and protection.” Whatever feels powerful and resonates with you. Visualize yourself in a giant condom. That’d work, too.

Protection Crystals

You crystals that offer protection. My favorite is black tourmaline, but smoky quartz, black obsidian, black onyx, hematite – those root chakra kind of crystals – are all great. Root chakra crystals work well because they are grounding and work to balance your energy. Balance is key.

Cleanse Your Space

Cleanse your energy by burning incense or herbs like mugwort or cedar, or you could use Florida Water. You can also take a salt bath and add herbs and crystals to it (just make sure the crystals you choose are safe to go in water – some will disintegrate).


Ground your energy by visualizing roots growing from the base of your feet or your sacrum going deep into the Earth. Sit with your back against a tree. Remove your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet. Focus on letting the energy that isn’t yours be released into the Earth.


Set boundaries with others. Remember it’s okay to say NO and it’s okay to take space for yourself. If people get upset with you then that’s on them.

Be Aware

Probably the most important tip is to be aware of your energy. If you aren’t checking in with yourself daily to see how you’re feeling emotionally/mentally/spiritually/physically,  then you aren’t going to know how your energy is doing and what it needs. Protect your energy daily.

What are your favorite ways to protect your energy?

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2 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Energy”

  1. you should do a post on how you can tell someone is wasting your energy or is trying to zap it from you. I’ve actually been wanting to writ a post on something like that but i’ll wait until I find some books on it! what i do is wear a hoodie. Or keep a scarf wrapped around my head when i go out in public or even to social events. it helps! also avoiding eye contact, i used to ALWAYS look people in the eye because i thought that’s what being “polite” was, listening and making eye contact, but it’s a door way for some intruders. there’s just some people you don’t look in the eye.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Psychic attack is for sure something that’s on my radar to write about! And that makes total sense about how you physically doing or wearing something makes you feel more protected. Having that physical representation can really help strengthen the intention of protection in your mind.

      Liked by 1 person

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