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Tarot Readings

Demystifying Misconceptions About Psychics

People, even friends, have told me that the idea of receiving a psychic reading freaks them out. Being psychic, talking with Spirits, and reading Tarot have been a part of my life for so long that it doesn’t ever cross my mind that it could be seen as something other than positive and illuminating. I thought it would be beneficial to clear up some common misconceptions about psychics and Tarot readings. If you are someone who falls into the camp of “Psychic Readings Are Spooky” then this post is for you.


Psychics Can Foresee Future Events

The future is not set in stone. It’s alive with many twists, turns and possibilities. Any outcome presented during a psychic reading is the most likely possibility at that current point in time. There’s this thing called free will. You have the choice to continue down the path you are on or change course, over and over again.

Psychics Will Tell Me Something Bad is Going to Happen

Very unlikely. Like I said before, any outcome presented isn’t set in stone. Also, our Guides only have our best interests at heart. To tell you that something bad is going to happen would not be serving your highest good. Information is passed along to help you make changes where you see fit.

Psychics Will Tell Me I’m Cursed

Hear me, and hear me well: If a psychic ever tells you that you are cursed and then tells you she can remove the curse for a sum – and usually it’s a very large sum – of money, RUN. This is a scam. It’s like those phony phone calls you may get from someone claiming to be from the IRS telling you that you need to pay them or else the police are going to arrest you. Don’t be spooked into handing over money to a scam artist.

Psychics Can Read Minds

I wouldn’t want anyone reading my mind, either! Rest easy knowing that a psychic reading isn’t about trying to read your mind. It’s about translating and relaying the information being given. I may be able to read your energy which could clue me in on what’s going on in your mind, but I can’t read your mind. Psychics also don’t go around trying to read other people while they go about their day. It would completely unethical for a psychic to read someone who wasn’t aware of it. We also “turn off” when not giving readings because to not do so would be utterly exhausting.

Being Psychic is the Work of the Devil

This is a hard one for me because I don’t believe in the Devil, but I do know psychics who are Christian. What I do doesn’t feel evil and isn’t coming from a malicious place. Our Guides only have our best interests at heart so any information that comes through is for our highest good. Tarot cards aren’t evil, either. They are card stock with images on them. The cards hold no power, evil or otherwise. The ability to read them comes from the person reading them (And anyone can read Tarot cards if they wanted to. All they need is intuition).

Just last week a client told me that their reading freaked them out, but because it was so validating and spot on for them, not because it was spooky. The information passed along is meant to help you, not scare you. You can also open up more to your own psychic abilities. If you are given information then know that you are ready to hear it. If you are open to hearing the information you need to receive and aren’t afraid to to [lovingly] be called out on your B.S. if needed (Guides are like that), then a psychic reading is nothing to be afraid of.

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