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Psychic Development

Living an Intuitive Life

Discovering My Psychic Abilities

Two weeks ago I began having several dreams where I was giving intuitive readings to others. In one dream an older woman shuffled a deck of Tarot cards and basically said to me, “Why aren’t you giving readings? Do you think you aren’t good enough?” A few days later, with some mild hesitation, I started working on an intuitive services page for my website. About ten minutes into it a dear friend called me seeking intuitive advice. It hit me afterward that the timing of her call was the final kick in the butt that this is what I am meant to be doing right now. I had to push past my fears of putting myself out there and just do it. It has been a long time coming.

In 1999 at twelve years old I stood in a local metaphysical shop that I frequented, looking at a shelf of Tarot decks to pick out my first one. I had a a handful of readings done by psychics at the shop over the next two years. Each one told me I needed to work on developing my intuition. In 2001 one handed me a copy of Echo Bodine’s A Still, Small Voice: A Psychic’s Guide to Awakening Intuition and instructed me to read it. It didn’t come as a surprise to me. Their words validated what I already knew on some level.

My life had been filled with odd occurrences, like hearing someone yell my name into my ear but me being the only person home; or hearing music playing that wasn’t actually playing; or someone asking a Spirit a question that only they would know the answer to and me hearing the answer in my head (Huh. Maybe I’m telepathic, I thought, not realizing that I was actually hearing the Spirit). I didn’t understand what these experiences meant until much later. I didn’t know the word I was looking for was clairaudient (being able to “hear” messages from my Guides and Spirits). Although clairaudience is still my strongest “clair” to this day, as I worked on developing my intuition – more so in adulthood – I noticed my clairvoyance (being able to “see” messages) and claircognizance (knowing something without knowing how I know it) becoming stronger. I also learned the importance of protecting my energy.

Tips for Developing Your Intuition

I’m not special or gifted. We all have an intuition. (Note about mediums – those who commune with spirits: Every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. There are differing beliefs among psychics about being a medium. Some believe you are born a medium and cannot become one, while others believe you don’t have to be born one and can become one later in life). There’s no need to be scared of psychic abilities. Some of us are better able to hear our intuition than others. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have to work on my intuition just like everyone else. Developing your intuition doesn’t require you to buy all the things. My top two (completely free) necessities for developing intuition are:


In our too-busy world, being told to meditate is often met with groans and eye rolls. Aside from the mental and physical benefits of meditation, meditating gives us the space and stillness to connect with our intuition and actually be able to hear what it has to say. Dedicating 5 minutes each day to begin with is great. Don’t beat yourself up if your mind is cluttered with thoughts. Just like with anything, meditation takes regularly practice.

Getting out of the way

Probably the biggest hurdle I see that people have to overcome is getting out of their own way. The questioning, over-analyzing, self-doubt, judgments, criticisms, and wondering if the messages they are receiving are just their imagination. Intuition isn’t in our head so we need to get out of our heads. Our intuition isn’t rooted in fear and negativity. Imagine slipping out of your head and down into your sacral chakra (just below your belly button). Breathe from there and then check in with your intuition.

Psychic Development Podcasts

There is a plethora of great free resources at our disposal as well, like podcasts. I love podcasts.

Psychic Teachers

This show has been around for YEARS and I’ve been a regular listener for…5 years? There are many episodes you can sift through in the archives. Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey are psychics and teachers (hence the name) and share a wealth of information in an approachable way. One of my favorite podcasts out there.

Enlightened Empaths

Samantha Fey branched off and started a second podcast with Denise Correll where they discuss how to navigate life as an empath.

The Marie Manuchehri Show

Marie is a well-known energy healer who used to work as a registered nurse in oncology. I may be biased because Marie is who I attained my Reiki training and certification from, but that doesn’t make her show any less valuable. The readings she gives to others during the show even offer advice that can be applied to your own life.

Ghost of a Podcast

Not necessarily a podcast about developing intuition, but I adore Jessica Lanyadoo. She is an astrologer, psychic, medium, and animal communicator who gives life advice and astrological forecasts in a straightforward welcoming way.

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